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NOS Kits


We are sorry, but we do not have any available items based on your current engine and model selection. If you wish to change which engine and model you have selected, please click the "change" link on the bar at the top-right of this page.

About NOS Kits

Due to intelligent design, Wizard Of Nos universal 'wet' nitrous systems can easily be matched & fitted to any vehicle.  

For those of you who don't want the complexity of choosing from dozens of options, WON has devised a system that keeps your choice as simple as possible, if you just keep in mind that the system names/codes relate to their specification; 

Therefore the Street-Blaster 150i (SB150i) is intended for Street use, is capable of flowing a maximum of 150bhp and is suitable for most fuel injected engines, which need only 1 injector. All the other systems in the Street-Blaster range have a suffix number e.g. SB150i4, which represents the number of injectors in the system (4 injectors in this example) which is suitable for use as a direct port systems (1 injector per cylinder), for all 4 cylinder engines.

The choice between a single injector system and a direct port system can be made based on either one being a better option for performance or essential due to specific manifold design. Some manifold configurations don't lend themselves to the use of a single injector and most straight 6 cylinder engines are a perfect example, which normally require a Street-Blaster 150i-6 to achieve even distribution at power levels above 75bhp.

If you experience any difficulties choosing the right system for your application, please contact us for a vehicle specific quotation.