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Lubricants and Coolants


We are sorry, but we do not have any available items based on your current engine and model selection. If you wish to change which engine and model you have selected, please click the "change" link on the bar at the top-right of this page.

About Lubricants and Coolants

Lubricants and coolant are the life blood of any vehicle, the wrong type, not enough and even too much of any can effect the running of an engine and even cause irreparable damage.

VW/Audi introduced their own specifications for fluids many years ago, the requirements for these fluids have continually increased since there initial introduction which is why at JBS we will only use Genuine VAG fluids.

This section gives you access to the very same fluids that both we at JBS and VW/Audi use, allowing you to maintain and care for your vehicle correctly.