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K04 Hybrid


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About K04 Hybrid

JBS have designed a hybrid K04 turbo upgrade that will be able to produce around 320-340bhp!

The turbo specification has been chosen to give maximum gains with a standard manifold and then with our collected cast manifold design give even more.
We firmly believe that with just a high flow down pipe and de-cat a totally reliable 300-310BHP as well as 330-340lb ft is readily available. With the addition of our JBS Tubular Collected High Flow Cast Manifold, up to 340BHP and 360lb ft will be on tap.

We expect this turbo to be capable of up to a 2.0bar spike and hold 1.4bar across the rev range.

JBS05 spec:

  • Modified compressor housing inlet
  • C.N.C re-profiled compressor cover for high flow
  • 350bhp capable "billet" custom compressor wheel
  • Modified seal plate
  • 360 degree performance thrust bearing
  • Hybrid K04 large trim left hand thread turbine wheel
  • Lightening and balancing of turbine wheel for faster ‘spool up'
  • Modified turbine housing
  • Up-rated twin turbine seals
  • Cryogenically treated components
  • 10psi wastegate actuator set up with the option to upgrade

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