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About Brakes

As horsepower levels increase, so must the car's braking ability. Even with the standard engine, spirited driving can often tax the limits of the original Car Brakes. As far as serious driving in a modified car is concerned, you'll soon find yourself easily out distancing your stopping power. This can be a dangerous problem if not addressed.

JBS can help you address this problem. Offering everything you'll need to upgrade your cars braking system.

We feature Brake Kits, Discs and Pads for every situation from street to track.

Our braided stainless steel brake hoses are the only ones that use solid stainless steel ends, CNC machined to fit the VAG range perfectly.

JBS  also have Big Brake upgrade kits available. The kits are the best engineered, best valued conversions you can buy.

Whatever your brake systems needs, we offer a solution, if not several.


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