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3.2 24v V6 Turbo Kits

About 3.2 24v V6 Turbo Kits



After a year of development JBS can now introduce its new EFR series of turbo kits for the 3.2 24v V6 (R32/TT). Engineered using Borg Warner turbo technology, designed, manufactured and mapped here in the UK specifically for RHD cars.


The JBS 3.2 turbo series offers the nearest thing to an OEM turbo kit money can buy. Designed, manufactured, developed and tested here in the UK specifically for RHD cars.

3.2 24V V6 Kits


JBS Auto Designs & JBS Developments have spent effort, time and resources developing the new 3.2 24v V6 turbo packages. Combining the best hardware currently available with our years of experience have allowed us to produce a series of kits that not only produce reliable power but that are also reasonably priced.

The Borg Warner EFR turbo offers superior throttle response and reduced turbo lag while still having lots of potential, making it ideal for our turbo packages as each stage can be built on and upgraded to the next.

From the JBSEFR350 upward we use an in house designed front mount intercooler specifially designed for the different applications on these turbo kits. The intercooler setup effectively cools the air charge and the custom hard pipe boost plumbing directs the air charge through the intercooler into the intake manifold in as short a route possible.

The JBS R32 turbo series is available in 3 Stages:

  Stage 1  Stage 2 Stage 3
Performance Statistics: 320 hp 350 hp 410 hp
320 ft-lbs torque 365 ft-lbs torque 460 ft-lbs torque
5-7psi 12-14psi 14 psi


Fastly becoming recognised as the new standard for quality and design, the JBS EFR turbo kits promises uncompromised design with attention to detail that will blow your mind.

A lot of companies claim the smoothest, best power delivery with reliability to match. Here at JBS we make no such claims. What we can say is we have tested or have firsthand experience with our competitors kits, and we are confident that our kits will leave them in the rear view mirror. Not just on a performance level but in fitment, customer support and most importantly price.



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