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About Filters

Performance engines need to breathe, helping the engine to breathe easier is the simpliest performance modification to make.

A performance engine needs just about all the air it can get, it doesn’t want all the debris which is normally carried in it – and this is where the filter comes in.

Tiny particles held in the air are trap­ped by the filter and prevented from attacking the pistons, bores and valve seals. Ignore the filter, however, and these particles can start to restrict the air flow, and in severe cases cut the engine’s power output by up to 10bhp.

You don’t have to use a OEM paper filter, JBS offers other options to choose from.

You could fit a Performance Sports Panel Filter, which simply slots into the original airbox and will never need renewing.

Alternatively, you could go for a complete Induction Kit or Cone Filter; this replaces the original system, including most of the pipe work.

Both additions improve a vehicle’s driveability, throttle response and power, with some set-ups boosting the output by as much as 10bhp and around 14Nm of torque.

The improvements these add-ons give in performance and fuel economy are well worth the money.  What’s more, this is a modification you can make on any car, whatever the age.


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