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About Exhausts

Aftermarket Performance Exhaust System parts are intended to replace the factory fitted exhaust components in order to gain a power increase.

Some aftermarket parts are designed to improve the look and sound of the car, rather than its performance.

In general, the goal of aftermarket Exhaust Systems is to increase the engine power by reducing the back pressure of the factory exhaust system. Frequently a side effect of a free-flowing Custom Exhaust System is the increased engine sound, which is desirable to some people. Aftermarket exhaust parts can also be a styling upgrade by changing the visible parts of the exhaust like the exhaust tips.

It should be noted that the intent of any aftermarket component is not necessarily to modify the appearance, sound, or performance of the vehicle in question. While that is almost always the goal if the aftermarket component is replacing a fully working or perfectly good component, it is frequently the case that when the stock or factory component has worn out that an aftermarket component is either more widely available (or less expensive) than a factory or OEM replacement.

Here at JBS we only sell the highest quality performance exhaust systems and components.

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