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Turbo Kits


JBS Auto Designs is the UK leader in the production, design and development of forced induction components for VAG range, producing BIG Power Turbo and Supercharger Kits for all purposes, from OEM upgrades to ¼ mile sprint monsters.

You name it - if it is possible, JBS will achieve it... Or will certainly get very close to realising the seemingly impossible! 

We produce BIG Power Turbo Kits for all purposes, from OEM upgrades to ¼ mile sprint monsters.

JBS use the latest technology to produce and develop the highest quality, highest power and most reliable performance turbo kits available in the world .

Utilising many OEM parts to give as close to factory finish as possible, JBS' turbo kits give high performance power increases with a quality fitment and finish.

There are many steps involved in design, development and production of JBS' kits.

Design & Development  Manufacturing

Offering a full range of upgrades for existing VAG turbo engines such as the famous 1.8 20VT and 2.0 T FSi and many Diesel applications.

1.8 20VT Kits

We have also developed Big Power Turbo Kits for the 3.2 24v Golf R32 , TT and Transverse platforms

3.2 24V V6 Kits

Performance Figures:

Rolling Road


Have a look at some of the cars supporting our Turbo Kits:

Project Cars 

JBS Turbo Kits


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