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Engine Conversions


JBS Auto Designs is one of the few companies in the UK to offer reliable engine conversions and rebuilds within the VW/Audi Group range of vehicles.

We specialise in fitting the VAG 1.8 Litre 20 Valve Turbocharged engine (also known as the 1.8T or 20vT engine) into a range of VAG vehicles. At JBS we only use the Drive-by-Wire, Variable Valve Timing (VVT) version of the engine. We have successfully installed this type of engine into most VAG based vehicles, each time using the correct ECU and Clocks for that engine.

Many other companies use aftermarket or older type VAG ECU's and retain the car's original clocks. We believe that this type of conversion should include as many parts from the donor car as possible, including the diagnostics port which enables any VAG dealer or tuner to diagnose engine faults using standard fault code readers. VAG have spent many years and many millions of euros  perfecting this combination of Engine, ECU and a vast array of Sensors to create a powerful, reliable, smooth and efficient  engine  that they use on a huge array of their group vehicles.

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Why, therefore, do many companies feel they can "get away" with installing a 1.8T engine into your car using  an aftermarket  ECU that does not use a great deal of the sensors that the engine was designed to use? Sensors such as Lambda, MAF and Knock are often left out of these conversions, impacting reliability, smoothness and economy.

With a JBS Conversion, you are assured that the engine will run, as designed, come rain, snow, hale, or a blistering summer  (not that we get many of those any more!).

The on-board computer works, providing graphical information and bringing the dash board bang up to date.

Another benefit of using the correct ECU is that you, the customer, can now choose to upgrade the software using Custom-Code.

As a testament to the quality of JBS's conversions, a MK2 Golf S3 conversion was taken around Europe shortly after completion. The car and a very satisfied customer returned to the UK having had no problems.

Just after completion (and it's debut at GTI International) the JBS engineered MK5 Golf 1.8T conversion made a trip to the Worthersee Show in Southern Austria. The car performed flawlessly on it's journey there and back. Using JBS you will find that THE PRICE QUOTED IS THE PRICE YOU WILL PAY.

At JBS we have a lot of experience in these conversions, so there will be no surprises. Please remember the quality of these conversions have been recognized as amongst the best in the business as many of our customers will testify.

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