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1.8 20VT DBW 225 BHP

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Petrol: 1.8 20v T (225)
Audi: TT QS (8N) (04 - 04), S3 (8L) (96 - 03), TT (8N) (99 - 06)
Seat: Leon (1M) (99 - 05)

Phase One is the best generic remap available for your vehicle. It has been designed to work on standard and lightly modified vehicles to give an impressive increase in power and drivability, taking into consideration fuel economy, smoothness and boost levels (if applicable).

Our comprehensive database of performance software beats anything that the competition can offer, and also at a very competitive price.

This option should be considered by drivers who want a great performance increase, but do not want to significantly modify other areas of their engine.

This is the ultimate generic remap.   



Phase One

Phase Two



270 - 275

275 - 290

Torque ft/lb


260 - 270

270 - 290

*Fitting time is dependent on pre-install inspection.
*Labour time is included in price.

JBS must fit this item
 Please phone to arrange a date
£250.00 exc VAT
£300.00 inc VAT