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1.8 TSI Stage 1 - (VW Polo GTI/Seat Ibiza Cupra 192Ps)

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Petrol: 1.8 TSI (192)
VW: Polo Mk5. (6C) (14 - 19)

Introducing the JBS Custom Calibrated Stage 1 software for the 1.8l EA888 Gen3 Engine, for those who desire a great Performance Increase without the need of Additional Purchases or modifications, we have delivered the best option available.

JBS have continually raised the bar through extensive and thorough testing Spanning the Globe, which is certainly evident with our Stage 1 calibration aimed at completely standard to lightly modified vehicles.

The experience and expertise of such testing is carried through to every remap appointment, where in a process taking up to 3 hours your vehicle will undergo multiple power runs, as the software is completely Individualized and uniquely Calibrated taking full advantage of the Continental/Siemens Simos 18 Engine Management system and vehicle hardware to achieve the best possible all-round performance. Producing an impressive increase in Performance while maintaining and even improving Drivability, our Bespoke software strikes an optimal balance of Fuel Economy, linear Power Delivery and Mechanical Sympathy.

As with all of our bespoke mapping Sessions and unlike many other companies, you will be provided with a before and after Dyno Test Report, certifying the precise performance increase and specifying the conditions under which the test report was developed.

Now available with the option of 'Crackle over run'

Stage of Tune Power (Bhp - Ps) Torque (Ftlb - Nm)
Stock quoted by VAG 189 - 192 236 - 320
Stock Measured 195 - 198 240 - 325
Stage 1 (95 RON) 240 - 243 275 - 373
Stage 1 (99 RON) 250 - 253 300 - 407

Please Note: Due to the nature of the DSG boxes used on this particular platform, it is required that the gearbox be calibrated at the same time as the engine. As such an additional discount is offered when purchased as a pair, which is applied upon selecting DSG from the gearbox option below.

Although the DSG models tend to produce the same tuned Power as the manual models, the torque on these DQ200 gearboxes is limited to 280-290Ftlb or 380-393Nm.

Now available as part of this gearbox software is 'Launch control/Anti lag' as an option.

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